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In Little Book Big Faith, I depict Jackson with his small bible in hand. His resolute gaze and determined expression serve to immortalize the passion and discipline of his faith and military might.


Jackson was a man of many contrasts. A rigid disciplinarian with both himself and those around him, he had often clashed with subordinates. A deeply religious man, he accepted killing as a necessity of war. He accepted slavery but made an effort to educate and provide religious support to slaves. An aggressive fighter and brilliant tactician, he sometimes overextended himself and had demonstrated mediocrity or worse during the Seven Days Campaign. At Falling Waters, Cedar Mountain and Second Bull Run his success was due in no small part to the timely arrival of reinforcements. But he remains second only to Lee in the adoration of the South, in relation to the war, and is held in high regard around the world.

Little Book, Big Faith Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson 1861

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